Sequential Steps to Start Digital Marketing for Beginners

Sequential Steps to Start Digital Marketing for Beginners
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We who both have businesses and of course both know that digital marketing is very appropriate for us to use to increase sales. But maybe many business owners are just getting aware of using digital marketing. That’s a very good thing because you feel like a beginner and want to continue learning and acting. The socso sip will share how to start digital marketing sequences for beginners that can help improve your business.

Has a Target Market and Products
The basic thing that is most prioritized is to first choose who your market or customer is. Only then learn whether your product is the right solution for the customer. For example, we chose the market for business people and businesses, men and women in their 20-40s. Another example, your market is car owners who have a car odor problem, so you prepare a car odor-neutralizing product that is very effective. I have the experience of getting dizzy easily and getting drunk with strange car odors, this is why I gave this example. As much as possible, look for the problem first, then your product or service is the solution.

Choose the best product that provides the best solution
Look for a product or service that can provide the best solution. There are many examples of clothing entrepreneurs who fail because they think about their very good products, good materials, good designs, etc. they don’t think about what solutions will be given from their products.

Build a Personal Website
After you find the two things above, immediately create a personal website for your business. Stop thinking about riding in the marketplace or so. Because the real website is your shop on the internet. By having your own store (website), you will be more enthusiastic about designing, filling in content, and advertising your website without thinking too much about competitors.