You May Use Vinegar To Chase Mice From Your House

You May Use Vinegar To Chase Mice From Your House
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How to drive away mice with vinegar is considered a powerful method. If you have never used a method of removing mice with vinegar, we will help you to do it. The necessary things are plastic gloves, cotton balls, vinegar, and bowls. However, don’t hesitate to hire Avon Pest Control in Surrey BC if your home has been severely infested by mice.

First, check the corner of your house, find all the things that can invite mice into the house like the crumbs of leftover food that have fallen, the former syrup water that has been spilled and has not been completely cleaned. Search in every corner and gap of the room in your house, especially in the kitchen. After you have found them all, clean the area using vinegar after you clean it by using clean water.

Then, take a cotton ball and pour a little vinegar water, do not forget to use plastic gloves when doing this method. Next, after finishing smearing a lot of cotton balls with vinegar water, then put 1 cotton ball in each area that is suspected of being an entry in and out of the rat in your house.

Furthermore, routinely control cotton balls that have been smeared with vinegar and stored and distributed to various angles. If you find there is a cotton ball that is dry and no more smell of vinegar, then just throw it away. Replace with a new cotton ball. Don’t forget to coat it with vinegar first.

Finally, the effective way to get rid of mice with vinegar is more control of the situation after installing the cotton ball before. Is there a change after all the corners are stored in cotton balls that have been smeared with vinegar? Thank God that after that no mouse was seen hanging around and bothering you. That is a sign that the method for evicting mice that you did was successful. However, if you still see rats hanging around, then check the cotton balls again. It could be that there is a cotton ball that is dry and has no smell of vinegar that you forgot to replace, or there could also be a missed corner or hole. Try to double-check all corners of your house.