Yoga Pose To Overcome Hair Loss

Yoga Pose To Overcome Hair Loss
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Yoga is one type of exercise that is quite polarized and is popular with most people. As we know that yoga is very beneficial for the body and mental health. So do not be surprised if this sport is popular. More than that, it turns out yoga is not only beneficial for the body and mental health but also hair. Evidenced by the results of research that shows that yoga is beneficial for hair health, especially in dealing with hair loss. You can visit and you can join Yoga North London class.

Here are a few yoga poses that turn out to be useful for treating hair loss:

1. Bending pose
The first yoga pose that is useful for dealing with hair loss is a bent pose. This is because a bent pose can facilitate the circulation of oxygen to the hair roots. The way to do this pose is to sit on a mattress with your legs straight. Then, straighten your back and stretch your arms up while breathing. Then exhale slowly while bending until the head kisses the knee.

2. Camel Pose
This pose is useful for increasing blood circulation to the scalp so that it can prevent hair loss. First, you kneel on the mat. Then, place your hands at the base of your waist while pushing your hips forward with your shoulders pressed against each other. Bend back and place both hands on the ankles. Perform this pose for 5 minutes to get maximum results.

3. Corpse Pose
The last useful pose for dealing with hair loss is the pose of the corpse. This pose is usually carried out at the final stage of yoga practice which is useful for providing complete relaxation of the entire body. You only need to lie on the mat. Then, spread your legs while putting your arms on the sides of your body with your palms open.