Various Benefits of Using LED Lamps

Various Benefits of Using LED Lamps
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Lighting technology continues to evolve since Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb with a filament of bamboo-based materials that can last up to 1200 hours. In years since humans continue to seek the source of illumination provides bright yet energy-efficient lighting. Now prevalent in the market is the use of LEDs as the illumination source. LED itself is the latest technology used in lighting products, by taking the base of a light emitting diode (LED) developed to produce a bright beam of light with very low power consumption. In the future, the technology will adopt LED technology lights. You can rely on residential electrician Columbia SC for the installation of LED lights.

The use of LED lights has largely replaced the function of all the lights that we use, better than incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, or mercury lamps. Even in some countries, the use of incandescent bulbs have been restricted, and even prohibited such as in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, and Australia. LED lights are more expensive than fluorescent lamps which we usually use as a means of lighting in the home. However, LED lights have several advantages. Here we will discuss the advantages of LED lighting compared to other lamp types.

1. LED lamp produces light that is brighter than other lights. In 1 watt LED lights, capable of producing lumen / the light intensity of up to 84 lumens/watt. In contrast with fluorescent lights that produces 55.4 lumens/watt, and incandescent lamps which produce 14.3 lumens/watt.

2. With a brighter light generated in 1 watt, making the power requirements on the use of LED lights are smaller. The simplest example at home, such as a living room area using fluorescent lamps / TL with 36 watts of power, using LEDs, enough with the 25 Watt (technically calculation = 23 watts). But in your application can use a 10-watt LED, for excellence in the body of the lamp – the deployment of more light and spacious. Thus, by using LED lights in the living room area then you save 26 watts of light usage generally..