Types of Website that You Need to Know

Types of Website that You Need to Know
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Definition of a website is a set of pages consisting of several pages containing information in digital form, whether text, images, animation provided through the internet so that it can be accessed from all over the world. Visit our agence wordpress to get the best website. Basically, the website is divided into two parts, namely:

1. Static Website: is a web whose pages do not change, usually to make changes done manually by changing the code. The Static Website information is one-way information, that is only from the owner of the software, it can only be updated by the owner. Examples of the meaning of this static website, namely company profile

2. Dynamic Website: is a web that always updates pages, there is usually a backend page (administrator page) that is used to add or change content. Dynamic web requires a database to store. Dynamic websites have two-way information flow, which comes from users and owners, so updates can be made by users and website owners. Examples of the meaning of this dynamic website, namely Friendster, Multiply, Facebook.

For more details about the meaning of the website, the following elements are on a website

1. Domain Name

Is a unique address in cyberspace (internet) that is useful for finding a website. Generally, this URL is traded with an annual rental system. And usually behind this URL has a suffix according to the location and importance of the website. Example:
.org for organizations
.co.id for education
.com for companies

2. Web Hosting (Home Website Place)

Web Hosting is a room that is contained in the hard disk as a place to store data, files, videos, emails, databases, etc. that will be displayed on the website.

3. Program Language (Program Scripts)

Program Language is the language used to translate every command when the website is being run. Example of the programming language, namely JavaScript, XML, JSP, HTML, PHP, etc.

4. Website Design

Website design is important. The comfort factor of the visitor must be applied if you want to make a website. Make an attractive website so that visitors are easy to use so that they will continue to visit your website

5. Data Transfer Program to Data Center

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the access given when we order web hosting, FTP is used to move website files on our computer to a web hosting center so that it can be accessed all over the world.