Things To Consider When Maintaining the Wooden Floor

Things To Consider When Maintaining the Wooden Floor
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There are many ways to create a beautiful and elegant home. One of them, using a thin wooden blade (parquet) as the floor. In addition to its relatively expensive price, its water-prone and easily scratched properties make parquet require extra care to keep it durable and provide comfort. With so many reasons to deal with hardwood flooring chicago, make sure that you won’t do the wooden floor installation job on your own, even more, if you don’t have any experience and expertise in doing such that job. Here are 3 things to note so that the wooden floor remains beautiful.

People pass by

Before using a parquet, consider the frequency of people passing by in the area. The room that has a high level of traffic is not appropriate when using wooden floors. Besides being easily dull and at risk of being scratched, water or food spills can damage its beauty.


Likewise for those of you who have pets. Your pet’s nails can damage the elegance of natural wood floor surfaces. Blemishes of the feet and feathers that fall out can also stain the beauty of the floor. Parquet resistance will be reduced if applied to a room with high humidity, such as near the bathroom because it will be easily fragile. In terms of maintenance, the first step that must be considered is to get rid of the items so that it is freer to expel the impurities that perch. Avoid moving items by sliding because friction between furniture and parquet can cause “injury” to the outer layer.


Clean the wooden floor using a vacuum cleaner or soft broom. A soft cloth that has been moistened with a special liquid for wood treatment can help destroy stubborn stains and maintain wood durability. Avoid using liquids that are not suitable to avoid liquid stain.