These Tips To Determine The Catering Menu That Is In Accordance With The Number Of Calories

These Tips To Determine The Catering Menu That Is In Accordance With The Number Of Calories
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A catering certainly has a different menu. You must always pay attention to this because each menu has different nutrients or even calories. So, choosing a catering service is also something that you must always do well. You can choose caterers Santa Clara to get catering that is good and right according to your party’s needs.

Energy balance in the body is very important for health and maintaining weight. Of course, you can’t forget about it in a catering menu that you will present at the party. there are several explanations and number of calories in the catering menu that you should know well.

1. Basic food: 180 grams – 250 grams or equivalent to 640 calories – 875 calories.
2. Animal protein: 40 grams – 75 grams.
3. Vegetable protein: 50 grams to 80 grams.
4. Vegetables: 150 grams
5. Fruit: 100 grams

We also need to know how many calories are needed by each person.

1. Adult men who do light work require 2,800 kilocalories
2. Adult men who do moderate work need 3,300 kilocalories
3. Adult men who do heavy work need 3,800 kilocalories

For that, there are some tips that you can use to be able to determine the catering menu with balanced calories but still delicious and can be enjoyed by all the guests present.

1. White rice: 270 kcal
2. Fish: 185 kcal
3. Pudding: 109 kcal

The catering menu that you present for a party certainly cannot be careless so that everyone at the party can enjoy it well. This is also a consideration for many people to always pay attention to the food they consume so that the food can be absorbed by the body properly and appropriately. The tips above can be a guide for those of you who are looking for a menu for catering.