Theater Review: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Brooklyn

Theater Review: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Brooklyn
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Going to watch the latest movie at the cinema may be one of the activities you love. The cinema that looks luxurious with the arrangement of red benches is indeed iconic really. But in other parts of the world many of the best cinema with a unique concept and ordinary baseball. One of them is the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will probably be your favorite movie studio for those who like to drink beer. As the name implies, the existing Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in America combines cinema and bar concepts. The arrangement of cinema seats at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is different because there are additional small tables in front of each seat. You can also order a crafted beer and tex-mex food. Of course, it will be very fun if you watch here. Located at 445 Albee Square W # 4, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA, Alamo will give you a memorable watching experience.

Since it was created by Tim and Karrie League in 1997 in Austin, Texas, Alamo Cinema has become a haven for movie lovers and has also revolutionized the experience of watching movies by including food and drink. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema can be said as the best cinema in the world. If you live or are visiting New York, we strongly encourage you to try watching here.

Upon entry, Stanley Kubrick fans will feel familiar with the carpet design of “The Shining”. You can also express like King Kong by posing in the Empire State Building drawing inside the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

At the end of the hall, you will find the cinema bar, House of Wax. And if you’re in the mood to watch the attraction over a beer, you’re in luck. The bar features a collection of limited German wax sculptures, including human exhibits, death masks the size of a human, and animal attractions. The collection dates from the 1870s and included the mask of Napoleon Bonaparte’s death.

House of Wax will give you 100% local beer along with a curated wine selection on drafts and bottles, and a unique cocktail themed menu and there will be live performances and Drafthouse staples: karaoke nights and dedicated trivia. You also do not have to rush to drink beer to enter the theater room, because you can bring your beer into the theater room. While walking toward the theater room, you can see an interesting turkey poster as well as the cover of a vinyl film soundtrack scattered all over the wall.

The experience you can get at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is not just about watching movies. The seven screens in Drafthouse Brooklyn provide food and beverage services, so you can keep the beer flowing.

When you can or order tickets online, you decide who you are to sit. The chairs provided are even more comfortable when compared to the existing seats in The Multiplex.

When you come to your cinema and sit, you’ll find a menu, a pencil, and an order card. Just write up your order and the waitstaff will do the rest. The kitchen is here is the largest kitchen of all branches. Almost all the dishes provided are made from scratch.

This theater has been working for more than five years and many subway lines you can use to get to this place in just 15 minutes from various places around Manhattan. Regular admission is $ 14.50, and the theater will play a mix of large-scale (including 3D) movies, independent cinema, and unique cult movies.