The unique way to open a locked car door with a ruler

The unique way to open a locked car door with a ruler
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The unique way you can do to open the door of a locked car is to use a ruler. You certainly don’t think that a ruler can help you open the car door. However, it will be a lot more recommended if you’re using the services of the recommended Boynton Beach locksmith.

Here are ways to open a car door using a ruler:

1. Prepare a ruler

Before starting this step, you should first prepare a ruler. A ruler should have an iron material to make it easier to open the car door. But if you don’t have an iron ruler, you can also use a ruler with other materials, for example, a ruler with plastic material.

2. Remove the Rubber on the Car Glass

To do this method you do not need to panic, because the rubber on the windshield is very easy to remove and reinstall. This is so that the ruler can easily fit into the bottom of the windshield.

3. Put the Ruler Inside the Door

The next way you can do is enter the ruler to the inside of the door. Feel the key panel point by looking at the lock panel movement. If there is a manual movement of the moving lock panel, it means that it is the panel lever to open the door.

4. Press and Pull the Car Lock Lever Panel

The last way you have to do is press the lock panel section then pull it with all your might until the car door opens. If it is still not open, repeat the above method until it works.

The ways and steps above can be done directly you are having problems to open the locked door of the car due to the car keys left behind in the car or other. No need to panic if the door of your car is locked, because to open it, you can use the method above. Need perfect patience and tricks to do the tips above. Hopefully, the information above is useful.