The Right Way to Take Care of a Washing Machine

The Right Way to Take Care of a Washing Machine
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Washing work has become a mandatory activity for housewives. Therefore, the washing machine is considered as a friend who can lighten this job. While the washing machine is a type of household electronic appliance (home appliance) that functions to clean clothes automatically. There are 2 types of washing machines, they are 1 tube washing machine and 2 tube washing machines. Both of them use electrical energy to drive the engine or dynamo. But in its use also requires care so that it is not easily damaged. If it is damaged, you can visit the washer repair Richmond Hill.

Here are some appropriate ways to care for washing machines that you can apply at home:

1. Unplug the washing machine cable when finished
After all washing machines are electronic devices that can be damaged at any time if not treated. Then why do you have to take care of the washing machine? Yes, this is useful so that the washing machine remains in good condition and functions as it should. If there is damage, it will certainly cost a lot of money. When finished using it, do not forget to turn off the switch so that the electricity does not continue to flow to the washing machine that can cause a short circuit. Especially if there is a sudden power outage, the voltage of these electronic devices becomes unstable. Besides being safer, unplugging the cable can certainly save electricity.

2. Perform a thorough cleaning
Most people neglect this activity after finishing using the washing machine. Though keeping the washing machine clean thoroughly is a thing to do. By rinsing the washing machine using clean water and adjusting the cleaning mode, it can clean the detergent residue or fabric softener liquid that is still stuck between the tubes. After that, use a dry cloth to wipe the inside of the tube and the outside. Do not forget to also clean the drain so that it does not moss. The trick is only to drain clean water into it to get rid of foam or dirt residues. Then continue to clean the filter every two weeks. Perform periodic thorough cleaning.