The Inspiration Of Wooden Wall Decoration In the Living Room

The Inspiration Of Wooden Wall Decoration In the Living Room
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When you want to decorate the walls, you can install anything that suits your taste and interior design of the house. What wall decoration can be adjusted on the living room wall? There is a choice of wooden wall hangings. The wood material is certainly timeless, from the past until now. This material can be side by side with other elements. You can include this decoration in a variety of home decor.

When you want to have wooden wall hangings, there are options to make them yourself or buy. If you want to buy it because it’s more practical, not yet creative, or you don’t want to bother making your own art. However, if you want to make do it yourself (DIY) wood wall hangings, you have a number of choices. You can buy new wood or use used wood. The choice of utilizing used materials is certainly more environmentally friendly. Used wood containers or leftover materials when building a house can be used. This gives an unusual impression. Don’t forget to polish it again by cutting and sanding it well so that no small residual wood sticks out.

Wooden Poster / Wooden Painting
If there is a large enough wood, you can use it as a poster or painting. Use wood as a canvas painting or poster. Especially if you are good at drawing or painting. Even though you can’t paint, you can print pictures on wood using the decoupage technique. Check on the internet what this technique is like. Or an easier choice is to write motivational words or conversation quotes in the film to write on wood.

Photo frame
The choice to make photo frames also the easiest thing. You only need to cut the wood into small pieces. Make a unique frame. Wedding photos, traveling, graduation photos, childhood photos, and more can be displayed with unique frames.