Strengths And Weaknesses Of Composite Doors

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Composite Doors
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Composite door or wood plastic door (WPC) material that is present to answer consumers’ needs for wood substitutes that are environmentally friendly and durable is widely applied to floors, decking, and doors. Now, composite doors bridgend doors have become one that is preferred by consumers because of its superiority.

WPC is a composite material that combines thermoplastic polymer fibres with wood fibres. The composition between plastic and wood varies greatly depending on the needs and intended use.

Wood Plastic Composite door has a fibre character that is similar to wood and can be finished with multi-materials such as polish, Duco, melanic, and even laminating. Also, WPC doors are easily nailed and cut like wood.

Generally the Wood Plastic Composite Door Composite ratio of 40: 60 is 40 percent wood and 60 percent vinyl plastic polymer so that this material is very environmentally friendly because it does not have to use wood trees as a whole but the wood dust can also. Wood Plastic Composite door also does not contain toxins or better known as formaldehyde which is harmful to human health.

Wood Plastic Composite door has advantages compared to other conventional doors such as Water Resistant, Anti-Termite, Anti-Mildew and has non-flammable properties and the fire does not spread during fires even though it still looks elegant and natural, so it is suitable for interior doors in your home.

Advantages of WPC Doors

– Resistant to water and household chemicals
– Resistant to termites, mould and pests
– High resistance to impact and abrasion
– Dimensions are stable, do not shrink and expand in damp areas.
– Can be recycled 100%
– Using wood powder 40-50%
– Available in various thicknesses and motifs.
– Can be finished to melamine, varnish, Duco, and laminating

WPC Door Weaknesses
– Cannot match the beauty of wood fibre.
– Do not draw on the edge more than 1 cm or cut the top and bottom.
– The size must be fixed with a frame.
– The door is heavy enough so it must be considered during installation, especially the use of hinges.