Reasons Why Google Recommends Responsive Web Design

Reasons Why Google Recommends Responsive Web Design
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One of the most interesting aspects of responsive web design is that responsive websites can provide a great experience for users. For that, you can visit Web design & SEO service Teesside. This is an important character because it is impossible to anticipate all search devices and screen sizes used to access your site. Sites that work well without regard to variables will be better and more consistent while separate websites are designed for certain devices and screen sizes.

For example, someone is looking for a product on their smartphone then they find a site for the product they are looking for and decide to continue researching this product website. Unless they change the search to the desktop, not from a smartphone. If the website is responsive, then this person has a positive user experience – when they start transitioning from cellphone to desktop because they see the same site on their desktop they will do the same as before. However, if the site is only specifically for mobile, the searchers will be disappointed that in fact they have to look for a desktop version of the site.

Having a separate desktop and mobile site requires a separate SEO campaign too. Managing a website with an SEO campaign is much easier than handle 2 sites and 2 campaigns. This is the advantage of having a responsive website rather than having a separate mobile site. There are also those who say, the benefits of having a mobile SEO strategy – optimization for keywords is more likely to be searched for on their smartphones. For example, someone searches for a local restaurant that might be more likely to use the word “close” in their search list. A separate mobile web is not a need for a mobile SEO strategy so there is no reason why specific keywords on mobile cannot be incorporated into responsive web design too.

Responsive web design is recommended by Google, allowing one website to provide experience to users on the device and screen size, making it easier for you to manage your SEO strategy. For this reason, responsive web design is the best choice for your SEO mobile strategy.