Know the Three Types of Operations that Are Interested in Many People

Know the Three Types of Operations that Are Interested in Many People
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There are many people in the present who decide to carry out plastic surgery procedures. The correct procedure will produce good results. However, this must also be balanced with the right selection of plastic surgeons. Many people also choose cosmetic surgery santa monica to get the results of a good plastic surgery and with procedures that are in accordance with the standards.

The increasing number of people who carry out plastic surgery makes this type of plastic surgery also growing. Some types of plastic surgery that you should know are

1. Surgery on the nose (Rhinoplasty)
One type of plastic surgery that is most sought after by women is rhinoplasty or nose surgery. This type of nose surgery, also known as the nose job, is done for reasons of wanting to improve the shape of the nose.
In addition, this nose-piercing surgery can also be useful in improving breathing difficulties due to a less than ideal nose shape, repairing congenital defects in the nose, or repairing a disproportionate nose shape due to an accident.

2. Breast lift surgery (Breast Lift)
As the name implies, a breast lift is a surgical technique that is done in order to tighten the loose or sagging breasts.
Breasts that have sagged can be caused by several factors, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and aging. There are also those that are too large so the shape is not round and strong enough.

3. Facial Bone Contouring
This plastic surgery aims to improve the shape of the jaw and chin to become more thin and smooth. Facial Bone Contouring is also commonly referred to as reduction of cheekbones and jawline surgery. This type of plastic surgery takes a long time because bone repair is not easy. In addition, the price is not cheap which reaches tens of millions of rupiah for a set of bone repair from the beginning to the end.

The three types of operations mentioned above have indeed become the most common types of operations. However, don’t forget to always do it in the right surgeon.