Know Some Mistakes You Often Do When Sucking Dust On Carpets

Know Some Mistakes You Often Do When Sucking Dust On Carpets
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In your home, of course, you use carpet in some rooms. Installation of carpet in the room will indeed create a different impression for the room. however, what is often forgotten is the cleanliness of the carpet. Carpet cleaning services are certainly needed here. One that you can use is Mclean carpet cleaning.

Usually, many people only vacuum in their carpets because they assume that all dust and dirt will be lost in this way. whereas, there is still a lot of dust and dirt left. There are some mistakes when vacuuming the carpet that is still often done by someone.

1. Do not suck the carpet in two directions If you only suck the carpet in one direction, you do not remove dust and dirt as a whole. Some of this dirt can hide behind the cloth. Try to suck the carpet from various directions, top to bottom, bottom up, right to left, and left right.

2. Leaving the dust bag filled to the full The vacuum cleaner has a bag to store all the dirt that is smoked. So that the vacuum works optimally, you should not wait for this dust bag to be full. You must empty the bag after more than half of it is filled. The reason is, vacuum cleaners can lose efficiency if used when the bag is full. Even better if you do not reuse the dust bag, because it can cut efficiency to 50 percent.

3. Too fast Use the suction optimally and slowly. That way, the engine can suck more dirt and dust so that your carpet becomes cleaner.

4. Not using crevice tools Every vacuum cleaner machine is usually equipped with tools that can reach room corners or crevice tools. However, this tool is rarely used because people usually use vacuum cleaners only for carpets. At least, use the tool to clean the edges of the room twice a month. Dirt or dust in the corners of this room is often overlooked for years.