Know More About Sensitive Teeth

Know More About Sensitive Teeth
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Sensitive teeth are a condition when there is a sensation of pain and pain in the teeth. The sensation arises in response to a number of conditions, for example, due to eating or drinking hot or cold. Sensitive teeth can occur temporarily or in the long term, both on one tooth and several teeth. You need to visit the dentist in west columbia sc to avoid tooth problem.

Someone who experiences sensitive teeth will feel the sensation of pain and pain, especially in the roots of the tooth. The sensation arises in response to a number of things, including:

Eating hot or cold foods and drinks
Eat sweets or sour foods and drinks
Clean teeth, either with a brush or dental floss
Use a mouthwash with an alcohol content
Exposed to cold air.

Symptoms of sensitive teeth can be mild to severe and can disappear or arise on their own. Sensitive teeth are caused by a number of conditions, including:

– Email thinning

Email or enamel is the outermost layer of teeth that functions to protect teeth from damage. Although e-mail is the strongest network in the human body, e-mail can also be thinned or damaged. The thinner the email, the higher the risk of sensitive teeth. Depletion of email can be triggered by the consumption of sweet, sour foods or drinks, soft drinks, and excessive consumption of vitamin C.

– Condition of teeth and mouth

Teeth that are broken, perforated or decaying can make dentin (substance under the tooth enamel) open, and trigger sensitive teeth. Another condition in the mouth that can cause sensitive teeth is a shrinking gum. Shrinking gums can make the roots of the teeth visible and unprotected.

– Gastric condition

Sensitive teeth can also be caused by gastric acid reflux or GERD. Gastric acid that rises from the stomach and esophagus, can erode tooth enamel if it occurs in the long term. Apart from gastric acid reflux, other medical conditions that can cause sensitive teeth are gastroparesis or gastric emptying disorders, and eating disorders such as bulimia.