How to Save Yourself from a Sinking Ship

How to Save Yourself from a Sinking Ship
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here are some things you need to know when saving yourself from a sinking ship.

Disasters that occur are often unpredictable and predictable. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of how to save yourself from a sinking ship. On the other hand, check out the excellent reconditioned outboard motors for sale as well.

  1. Listen to safety guidelines before leaving

Safety guidelines are usually shown to passengers before the ship departs. Usually carried out by demonstration from the crew or using video recordings played on the TV screen on board.

In addition, there are usually several flyers or brochures in the form of safety guidelines that need to be known by the passenger of the ship.

At the very least, pay attention when this safety guide takes place and don’t get used to ignoring it by listening to music or even doing other activities.

Bad habits ignoring these safety guidelines also occur not only when boarding a boat but also often overlooked by some passengers while boarding an airplane.

Although feeling bored because it is done repeatedly, at least give respect to the cabin crew or crew who do their duties in accordance with the applicable SOP.

  1. Know the location of a life jacket or safety jacket

Although it is trivial it is better to wear a life jacket when boarding a boat if the duration of the crossing is less than 3 hours. That way, in the event of a disaster, you no longer need to look for buoys and even fight with other people.

The number of life jackets or safety jackets should be in accordance with the number of passengers transported. If there are passengers who do not get a life jacket, it means that the ship has violated the rules by carrying passengers more than the specified amount.

Make sure you wear a life jacket before wearing a life jacket for children or for other people who need help.

  1. Understand the ship’s plan

When riding a ship of a larger size, understand the plan of the ship and important spaces on the ship.

Also, understand the location of the lifeboat and where the passengers gather in the event of an emergency.