Here’s the Reason Why Your Head and Eyes Feel Pain When You Have a Toothache

Here’s the Reason Why Your Head and Eyes Feel Pain When You Have a Toothache
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It is no longer a new thing to feel a toothache. Because for every person who experiences development towards the adult phase, he must have felt a toothache. This has indeed become an ‘obligation’ and it must be borne by everyone to feel the suffering. Almost everyone must have experienced toothache, a very throbbing pain that makes us groan in pain. Even speaking is very painful. There are even some people who often experience toothache. If you experience this problem, you can visit a cosmetic dentist fort worth.

Complaints in the oral cavity that we most often feel are when the teeth are problematic. Starting from cavities to wisdom teeth that grow in gums and must be removed. Of course, this pain makes it difficult for us to move. Especially because when a toothache occurs we also feel pain in other parts of the body. Starting from the eyes, neck, shoulders, even migraines in the head. How did it happen?

Pain that is felt on the head, shoulders, neck, and eyes is often the case if you experience a toothache. This happens because the nerves in the teeth are also connected with several nerves in the head, which effects interfere with other parts or organs of the body. Because the teeth are united by the trigeminal nerve which is connected to the eye, upper jaw, lower jaw. That is why if you are having a toothache, other parts of the head also become uncomfortable. For example, a headache.

Usually, excessive pain causes persistent headache instead of mild toothache. Not infrequently this is caused by a hole in the tooth that is quite large. If it’s just a mild toothache, a hole that isn’t too big a headache isn’t too severe. But, if you have an infection, the head will feel very painful. Likewise, what happens to wisdom teeth that often only grow in adulthood, the pain that hits the head can be more painful. If the growth is not correct or obstructed and the wisdom teeth cannot come out the effect is more painful. The head hurts because of the connected nerve. In some patients, there are also those who cannot open their mouths.