Early History of Magic in the World

Early History of Magic in the World
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Magic is a performance art that is of interest to most people in the world because it can make the audience wonder and curious about the secret behind the presentation. Magic is also the application of a combination of various existing scientific disciplines, such as physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, and others. You can get the best magician on gold coast magician.

Magic art is not a supernatural skill because every magic trick can be explained, even if it looks complicated. Magic usually results from hand speed, mind manipulation, and the effects of objects prepared in advance.

In essence, magic can be learned by everyone who wants to practice well and diligently. Even so, many people believe that magic is something that only uses magic, without any tricks from the magician.

In the stone age, someone who could create fire would be considered a magician by others. Written evidence of the birth of magic is the discovery of an old document written on papyrus sheets, which is estimated to have been written around 17000 BC, which tells the discovery of the first magic show.

In the period around 2700 BC, there was a famous magician in Egypt named Dedi who was summoned to the palace to entertain King Cheops. The trick used by Dedi is to cut off the animal’s head and return it to life with no injuries left on the animal.

King Cheops was amazed by Dedi’s appearance and asked him to repeat the trick to the royal prisoners. Dedi has his own trick to refuse the king’s request, and instead repeat the trick by cutting off the head of a bull.

Every magician always tries to present magic that is difficult for human common sense. For example, there is a card that has been signed suddenly disappeared from the magician’s hand, a few seconds later you realize that the card has moved into your pocket. Launching The Abracadabra, it is just a trick that is difficult to do. Moreover, you will always get a sensation when you see something happening without being able to explain logically. How could someone be split into two without dying and then suddenly his body was reconnected without a scratch!