Don’t panic when your tap is clogged or leaking

Don’t panic when your tap is clogged or leaking
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Leaking taps can panic because the water or electricity bills can rise. What is the best solution? Don’t panic! The cause could be due to the rubber glue that coats between the pipe and the tap have worn out. On the other hand, don’t forget to also check out the trusted plumbing companies with you, especially the ones with many years of experience. Aside from that, we also recommend you to find more info about destape de drenaje.

To fix the faucet, you don’t need to call experts. You can try it too. It’s just that you have to be careful not to be wrong when installing while avoiding more severe damage.

Overcoming leaky taps is actually very easy. Stop the water pipe first or if you use a pump engine can turn it off first. Then, release the tap. Clean the base of the tap from the rest of the glue and coat the glued rubber again 6-7 times. Then, reinstall.

In addition to leakage, the faucet can also leak because there is a damaged part. Damage can also be caused by the ball that normally closes and opens the water channel no longer functioning. If it has happened like this. the only way is yes you have to replace it with a new faucet.

However, if the faucet damage is not due to the ball, how to fix it is not much different from a tap that has a leak. Turn off all water sources, both from pumps and drinking water companies. Use a spanner to release the tap from the pipe. Clean the base of the tap from the rest of the glue.

Don’t forget, clean the pipe hole. Try the base of the hole to dry. After drying, give tape or glue to the end of the tap until you are sure you will close the pipe gap. Then, reinstall the faucet.