Common Problems at Home during the Rainy Season

Common Problems at Home during the Rainy Season
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Not only the body’s resilience which must adjust to the rainy season, but the house is also equally vulnerable if not prepared. Here are some common problems that your residential house can face when the rainy season comes. Be vigilant and get ready to act if this happens. You can also contact handyman services singapore to get help.

1. The roof has a leak.

In addition to the more frequent occurrence, the intensity of the rain will also increase when the rainy season comes. Because of this, roof leaks are a common thing in residential homes in Indonesia. When the sky is clear, inspect the roof to see which parts are leaking. Even if you haven’t experienced it, you can make this opportunity to detect points that have the potential to leak and take anticipatory steps before the damage gets worse.

2. Rainwater seeps into the wall.

If the roof has a leak, this one problem can no longer be avoided. Seepage of rainwater is not so disruptive to comfort at the time of the incident. But the impact caused is prolonged. The walls of the house will turn dirty and look neglected. This also led to a decrease in the level of the feasibility of the room, especially in terms of aesthetics. If this is the case, repainting or installing wallpaper can be the most practical solution. But for the long term, it is the most appropriate thing to take action on the roof that has a leak at the points of emergence of seepage and also prepares the wall of the house to fight the excessive level of moisture.

3. The sofa and other large furniture in the house are too moist and musty

This generally starts from damp walls caused by too cool weather after rain. Even sofas, especially those made from fabric, usually become moist and musty. You can cover large furniture such as sofas with protective plastic when not needed during the rainy season. If that is not possible, simply tighten the usage pattern: only those who are completely dry may sit on the couch and avoid various types of liquid spills. After the rainy season, make sure you do a thorough sofa cleaning either yourself or use trusted professional services.