Tips for Caring for Garage Doors

Tips for Caring for Garage Doors
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The garage door is one of the home entrances in addition to its role as a motor vehicle guard. Weighing up to 250kg can harm young children and even adults if damaged. Not only does it endanger the occupants of the house, but the damaged garage door also invites thieves into the house. For this reason, it is important to take care to ensure that the garage door is safe to use. And make sure it can work properly. Here are tips on caring for garage doors from garage door service strongsville ohio that you need to know.

First, check the track, roll, and hinges of the garage door. Dust and oil can be permanent residents on this garage door component. The dust and oil can cause the garage door to drag. Clean using a damp cloth. If it is very oily or dusty, try using thinner ink or washing it with soap.

With the garage door closed, check that tools such as bolts, screwdrivers, or other items you have stored in the garage are not missing. If something is missing, tighten the tool with a spanner or fix the storage area.

Once clean, grease the garage door. A garage door that lacks oil can also cause the door to drag. Use a special garage door lubricant spray, spray a lot. Do not use liquid lubricants as they can attract dust and dirt. Wipe off excess lubricant with a towel or cloth.

Now try to check the weather stripping (a kind of rubber) which is located under the garage door. Try closing the door, if the door is not closed completely, it means it’s time to replace the weather stripping with a new one.

If you have an auto garage, try the electric indicator light test located at the end of the garage track. Place two of the four lights on the indicator light housing and press the button to close the door. If it works well, the garage door won’t move an inch.

Some garages use a pressure sensor. Place any object on the garage door track and press the button to close it. If the sensor is working properly, your garage door will re-open as soon as possible when it hits the difference.